Dr. Richardson loves kids and helps them feel relaxed and happy.

He wants the eye exam to be fun.

Children grow fast, and that fast growth can effect their vision. When children struggle to focus, they find reading and school uncomfortable.

Dr, Richardson will check the health of your child’s eyes, and check for lazy eye or crossed eyes. He will also find out if your child needs glasses

We’ll check with your insurance to see what they will cover.

We have a large collection of nice children’s frames, including some that are almost indestructible! All our frames come with a 1-year warranty against breakage.

  • If you have VSP Elements insurance, we do the exam AND have the Otis and Piper frames.
  • Our Medicaid patients can get their exam AND glasses at the same place! (Medicaid glasses available when you get the exam here.)

Kids and Electronic Devices

  • First eye exam: According to the American Optometric Association, Infants should have their first eye exam at 6 months of age. Certain conditions that require attention can be detected early, such as crossed eyes or lazy eye.
  • Preschool children should have a children’s eye exam by the age of three, then another exam before entering school. Your child will be fine-tuning his visual system during the preschool years, ages three to six. During this stage of life it is important to detect vision problems that may delay development if not corrected.
  • School-Age Children: If a child requires glasses or contact lenses, an exam should be scheduled every 12 months.

Children take things for granted. They don’t realize that they are not seeing as clearly as they should.

Some of our most treasured moments have been helping children see clearly for the first time. We had a very young patient who had very poor vision and was almost blind. Her mother led her into the room and lifted her gently into the chair. She was listless and unresponsive. We placed her new glasses on her face and put a colorful picture book in front of her. She suddenly looked down at the book in surprise. Then with wide eyes, she looked with wonder around the room. She could see for the first time! We were all in tears!

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